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Title: 5 Android Apps for Pokémon GO
Post by: lodusingh on July 27, 2016, 08:28:18 PM
Pokémon GO is undoubtedly the hit of the moment and if you are not around to hunt Charizard and Mew Rattata and Zubat sorry for you that you're not enjoying this moment in history when walking through the streets you will be surrounded by people who, smartphone power bank in one hand and in the other, going around capturing Pokémon and defeat gyms.

However, since GO Pokémon has obviously needs some more tweaking, we suggest 5 app with which to improve your gaming experience.


If there is a problem GO Pokémon that trainers know well, it is definitely the very high battery consumption. The famous developer Francisco Franco has created an application that allows precisely to reduce Pokemon GO hack to save battery ( consumption, of which we have already spoken . To optimize autonomy, PokeBatterySaver uses some parameters modifiable by the kernel, such as CPU management; Also, it activates automatically when you start the game but needs root permissions in order to function and it is quite dear: we want to buy € 4.98.

GO Messenger

Sooner or later how to get free instagram followers ( implement a chat, but until then we will have to make do with third-party apps that serve the purpose. There are already different and, despite all expected to glory that developed by Razer , the latter has not fulfilled the expectations; After having tried several, currently the one that convinced us the most is GO Messenger. Despite the relatively low compared to other solutions the number of downloads, we liked the opportunity to have chat always at hand thanks to the floating bubble , team selection and filter (functional) between 1 and 50 km. If only more people were using ...

Poke Bliss

If you find only Rattata, Zubat and Pidgey around we understand your frustration and we recommend you try Poké Bliss. It is an application of which we have already discussed that shows a map of all Pokémon that are around you, with lots of time left before they disappear. Keep in mind that the app takes advantage of a flaw in Niantic APIs through which you can get these data and, consequently, in the future may stop working.

Evolution Calc for Pokémon GO

GO Pokémon is a game with many variables and many aspects depend on parameters that can be calculated: what would you say, then, of a convenient tool to keep an eye on all these variables? This application is divided into four main sections: the eponymous  Evolution Calc , which allows you to calculate how many CP could have your pokémon after evolution (based on the starting CP); the second is Upgrade Calc , which contains the maximum number of CPs that can get a Pokémon based on the amount of stardust request; Lucky Egg Calc allows you instead of calculating how many experience points will get your character using a Fortunuovo and doing evolve more pokémon possible (you have to enter the candy that you have for each pokémon) and weaknesses shows weaknesses and strengths of the various pokémon.

Notifications & More for GO

Despite  Pokémon GO already includes a function to lock the screen when your smartphone is turned upside down, we all know what this is pretty much useless (except for going around with your smartphone in hand). For Notifications & More for GO luck allows (really) to put the smartphone in your pocket leaving GO Pokémon running: this tool, in fact, freezes the display   when the proximity sensor is covered, preventing even the operation of the soft touch keys. In addition, this useful software then allows you to automatically start the energy savings of Android when GO Pokémon is active and there is also a power saving mode Extreme (useful especially for smartphones with AMOLED displays) showing the game in black and white and set automatically geolocation app on Low power consumption . To use the latter power saving feature you will have to support the developer with an in-app purchase from € 1.09.

But that's not all: as the name implies, this application also sends a notification every time a super mario run hack ( and everything becomes incredibly handy if you have a smartwatch on which view Pokémon around you as you walk. However, this feature is not yet perfect and do not always match reports. Finally, you can activate a floating menu with which access to useful sites.

Despite some functions require the root to work, if your smartphone does not have root permissions you can still add the necessary permits to operate through ADB commands with fifa 17 coin generator (, as clearly explained within the app. Note: the app creates two shortcuts ( Notifications and More ) and is open source , so you do not have much to worry about additional permits.

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Nice read, I like this read. Pokemon is everyone's fav. I Love You ( Pokemon.  :) :-*
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Good article to read, thanks for share.
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Pokemon Go home ;D ;D ;D ;D
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