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Technical Issues and Support / How works push notifications (if work)?
« on: February 04, 2014, 02:41:10 AM »
For example, I installed BBC News on YouWave 3.15.
When runned this app first time, I choosed option "send me push notifications -yes"

And after that?... Where I can check/see push-notifications?

Thank everybody for attention

a functionality that wipes out your cache or disables it
ok, thnx, I'll make so  :)

I only thought, that  exist one "magic" way close app  :)

Good day for everebody.

It's my first day to using YouWave, and I want tell 100k thanx for developers, who create it! ::)
So, now I working with one my app, which I testing in YouWave. Because is app not native (build on PHP, HTML5, JS), every time, that I make updates for my app on my web-server, I don't see nothing changes in emulator for my app.

So, how I make? Every time I go in options and "Restart Android", only after that I can run app again and I can see updates.
But it's little long process... maybe, exist one way to refrersh(restart) my app on YouWave, WITHOUT restart Android?

Thank you  :)

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