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Using YouWave Android / Chrome app crashing
« on: June 14, 2014, 03:51:56 PM »
I'm using YouWave 3.19. I downloaded Chrome and Chrome Beta from Play Store, but both open and then closes (like a crash). Does anyone know what to do?

Using YouWave Android / Re: Changing YouWave Header
« on: December 21, 2011, 10:06:05 AM »
Ok, I got it. ;D
Well, the app I'm trying to download is "BTK Twins", here is the link at Android Market:
Thanks anyway. :D

Using YouWave Android / Changing YouWave Header
« on: December 20, 2011, 06:20:11 AM »
I'm using YouWave and I'm loving it. It works perfectly. I just have one doubt: Is there any way I can change YouWave Header? I mean, I'm trying to use Android Market, I've managed to install it and it's working perfectly but when I access my account on the computer to buy a specific app, it says "This app is incompatible with all of your devices. Verizon YouWave Youwave_custom (registered December, 2011) This item is not compatible with your device."
I'm just wondering if there is any way I can change that User-Agent Header to emulate an actual Android like Samsung or any other.

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