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Thanks for the response. Never mind the TOC problem in the book; btw, the book does launch.
I am going to wait until the tablet version of YouWave comes out so that I can take advantage of Android on my Windows 8 tablet...

I have an Acer Iconia W500 running Windows 8. The hardware is x86. I think I should be able to install YouWave in Windows 8. Considering that the tablet has accelerometer etc what will be the limitations of running YouWave in that system? Will the upgrade to ICS be free for licensed copies?
PS. Right now, I have a trial version of YouWave running in a Windows 7 computer. Looks promising. Even the 'Market' (Google Play) application was smooth. But I have an ebook (Oreilly's Programming ASP.NET 4) which I am able to install as an app but can't get to the table of content?

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