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Technical Issues and Support / Re: Android OS Not Ready ...
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:57:54 AM »
Sure. Here it is:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<VirtualBox xmlns="" version="1.9-windows">
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastVMSelected" value="2fed2fcb-e77b-46a1-aba6-169382521c2b"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastWindowPostion" value="411,93,770,550"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/MaxGuestResolution" value="480,640"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/SUNOnlineData" value="006b0068006c0065006500400067006d00610069006c002e0063006f006d991229f3"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/SuppressMessages" value=",confirmInputCapture,remindAboutAutoCapture,remindAboutWrongColorDepth,remindAboutMouseIntegrationOff"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/UpdateCheckCount" value="9"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/UpdateDate" value="1 d, 2010-05-18, stable"/>
      <MachineEntry uuid="{2fed2fcb-e77b-46a1-aba6-169382521c2b}" src="Machines\youwave_vm01\youwave_vm01.xml"/>
      <MachineEntry uuid="{4ce8d345-492a-469b-8f7b-fd6b7af07b1f}" src="Machines\youwave_vm02\youwave_vm02.xml"/>
        <HardDisk uuid="{2e13a063-4c59-44ed-8c8b-1b1c9967b5c7}" location="HardDisks\youwave_vm01.vdi" format="VDI" type="Normal"/>
        <HardDisk uuid="{400e4ca0-9a99-498b-92b3-8a8256f29d71}" location="HardDisks\youwave_vm02.vdi" format="VDI" type="Normal"/>
        <Image uuid="{50e137ae-48d4-4362-8c80-3075b1df58d4}" location="C:\Program Files\YouWave_Android\youwave_vm01.iso"/>
        <DHCPServer networkName="HostInterfaceNetworking-VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter" IPAddress="" networkMask="" lowerIP="" upperIP="" enabled="1"/>
    <SystemProperties defaultMachineFolder="Machines" defaultHardDiskFolder="HardDisks" defaultHardDiskFormat="VDI" remoteDisplayAuthLibrary="VRDPAuth" webServiceAuthLibrary="VRDPAuth" LogHistoryCount="3"/>

Technical Issues and Support / Re: Android OS Not Ready ...
« on: December 26, 2012, 05:40:57 AM »
I have the same problem, but in my case the screen stays black.

I'm using YouWave 4.0.1 and I've tried running it in both trial and full versions, but the problem remains.

I've also tried the following indications with no succes:

Follow these steps accordingly:
- uninstall first
- Restart your computer
- Right click on the installer (Not Double Click)
- Run as Administrator

PS: You must use a account with Administrator priveleges

If the above steps didn't work, try this:

Paste this path in your directory adress bar: %USERPROFILE%\.Virtualbox\HardDisks
There are 2 VDI files in this directory:
- youwave_vm01.vdi (Data Disc)
- youwave_vm01_golden.vdi (Formatted Disc)
(Purpose of Formatted Disc: Is to manually reset Youwave when needed, by copying and renaming it to "youwave_vm01.vdi")

The system configuration is:
- Windows 7 32 bit
- dual core CPU E3200 @2.4GHz
- 2 GB RAM

I don't have VirtualBox installed and I don't know if I have any other software conflicting with YouWave.

There's no log at the following paths:  ???
C:\Program Files\YouWave_Android\.VirtualBox\Machines\youwave_vm01\Logs

The log from this path C:\Users\XXXXXXX\youwave is this:
Code: [Select]
YouWave for Android started
YouWave init step 2.2
YouWave init step 2.3
YouWave init step 2.4
YouWave cannot find apps.xml file, creating...
YouWave init step 2.5
Reading apk files in directory C:\Users\XXX\youwave\
YouWave init step 2.6
YouWave init step 2.7
YouWave init step 2.8
YouWave init step 2.9
YouWave init step 2.10
Start Android passed (18)

Any help would be appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: youwave does not start
« on: December 18, 2012, 12:55:34 AM »
Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB DRAM, 500MB disk space, and NET framework 2 SP2 (which is missing in XP SP2).

I have Windows 7 x86 with .NET Framework 4. Do I still need the framework 2 SP2?

General Discussion / Do I need a graphics card?
« on: December 17, 2012, 09:09:18 AM »
Does YouWave work on a PC with on-board graphics?

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