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I am using Windows XP with youwave installed on it. I am facing few
weird problems as mentioned below.

1. I cant load my contacts. Even if i load them it is not readable by
other apps like Whatsapp.

2. My whatsapp contact doesnt load names and shows me numbers despite
of saving or adding the name in my contact list but still it doesnt
show the name. There is no refresh button as on normal tablets and

3. Where is the memory slot? I cant see them. Which folder it is
located in? Can i drag and drop files directly in the folder from
within the windows without having to use apps?

4. There is a bug with the usage of mouse clicks.  Sometimes it doesnt
register the mouse click and at times it registers a double click when
clicked once.

5. Can i not use bluetooth of my computer to transfer files?

6. Can we have hardware accelaration or can it use my GPU ram and hardware for processing?

7. Can it have 4.3 (sorry dont want 4.4 as it has lots of bugs in it)

The list is endless but top are the major once.

Thanks a lot for your time and appreciate the same.


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