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General Discussion / Installing Whatsapp again on another Pc
« on: July 30, 2014, 07:52:19 AM »
My HDD failed :(

I am going to get a new HDD but the last time I backed up Whatsapp was a month ago, does this mean I have lost the past months conversations?

Only asking this because I can use my tablet for the mean time.

I had to reinstall Youwave on a new machine so i decided to back up the "youwave_vm01.vdi", i then installed Youwave and copied my backup and replaced the new one but none of my data got restored, it's as if the file is empty but it clearly isn't.

I accidentally uninstalled WhatsApp and then re installed, it asked me if i wanted to restore the conversations and i clicked yes, problem is none of the conversations were recovered, it only remembered which groups i was in but not a single message was recovered.

I assumed that WhatsApp automatically saves a backup at 4am? or is this incorrect with Youwave?

Any ideas?

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