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Hi ! I am an YouWave user from a long time , I have come to this forum many times but created an account just now :) .

Thanks to The Devs for creating and developing such a fast and reliable Android Emulator which works Cool even on Low-end Pc's .

I would like to play Clash of Clans and more games on YouWave which are incompatible right now and I installed a game called Dragon Mania Legends which downloads extra data files in game for which a stable Wi-Fi connection is required .

I'm connected to a wi-fi network on my laptop but the wi-fi option in YouWave doesn't switch on for some reason . The game needs Wi-Fi connection inside the device ( YouWave ) for Downloading the game files , so if you could try to make the wifi option work please Do as soon as Possible ^_^ .

I'm Using the Free Version of YouWave ( with Andy 4.0.4 ) .


Work Hard ! :D .

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