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I've been using 2.3.0 since it came out and no trouble, but I load it up today and it gives me the error message of having to reinstall it from "Official sources..." What it is basically doing is calling me a pirate again. I paid for this and only used the download from the "Official source". We went through this on a previous version as well and I had thought that they fixed it in this version. I got ripped off. This is a piece of crap. When it works its great, but stuff like this happens way too much and one has to start from scratch each time. Maybe they shouldn't charge $15 until they get it out of this early beta?

Every so often I get the error message:

"Software package error. Please reinstall the product from an official source."

when I start and have to reinstall YouWave and lose everything I installed. Does anyone else get this error as well?

I'm using 2.2.3, but it did the same with 2.2.2. I have a Pentium 4 3.4GHz CPU, and 2 Gigs of RAM.

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