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Using YouWave Android / Kik and Video for Kik
« on: August 09, 2013, 10:03:07 AM »
Ok, I searched several forums and haven't really found an answer to this issue.  Please bear with me because I hate when you see threads that are several pages of the the original posting providing info.  I'll try to be thorough at the start.

I am running Windows Vista.  I installed Youwave 2 days ago because I do not have a smart phone yet but have had friends asking me to chat on Kik.  So, I then downloaded Kik and set up an account.  Now, since I only signed up to use the trial version of Youwave I did not bother to setup a "real" account on Kik (ie: generic name, not real email and most likely, not my phone number).  Figured I'd use it for ten days and then delete Youwave.

Well, I "shutdown" Youwave at the end of the night.  In the morning, I opened Youwave and got the " has stopped unexpectedly" and now cannot get into Kik though I can still access the Video for Kik app and can see the videos.

Now, I'd like to be able to save the videos to my PC or send them to my email but if I click "share" then I get "video cannot attach".  There doesn't seem to be any files buried in the computer that would hold these videos.  I'm trying to find my friends to tell me what username I used when we talked on Kik but have not had any help. 

I know that if I uninstall and reinstall Youwave I would be able to get back into the Kik app but if I do that I don't remember my username.  I know the "name" I used when I signed up and I'm pretty sure of the password I used but don't know if that is enough to sign back in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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