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Thank you for the detailed explanation of existing Arabic problems. We are going to look into them one by one.

you are welcome dear, u 2  :)
i hope so, we'll support you to end the journey together  ;)

Good Luck
abo mram

Please try the latest ICS 1.4 version and give us feedback.

content has been

FYI. Version 4.1.2 now supports Arabic keyboard layout.

To enable Arabic keyboard:
Go to Settings -> Language & Input -> Physical Keyboard layout -> Choose Arabic. Then type in Arabic using the physical keyboard.

Please give us feedback.

really?   ???
I've had it a long time
i hope to be good when everyone thought

i'll try it then i'll send the feedback at the earliest opportunity   ::)

abo mram

تم التصويت لعيونك ابو مرام  ;D

والله يقويك
شكراً جزيلاً لك
مقدر تصويتك
تسلم عيونك و عساك عالقوة  :)

Voted Bro .

i appreciate the voting

تم التصويت
شكراً جزيلاً
أقدر اهتمامك بالتصويت

Es prioritario para ustedes el teclado en Árabe antes que en castellano (español)? Porque veo que en la nueva versión 4.1 sigue sin aperecer el teclado en castellano.

I'm not sure what do you mean exactly but i think u talk about you'r languge
( Spanish )
the arabic is very important to us because it's our language
and I did not say that the arabic is the only language that should be supported!

It should also be supporting the Spanish language
we hope everyone's satisfaction  ;) that's all

and welcome  :)

The projects currently being developped are pretty large, proxy is just being rolled out. We still have another feature in the works. The highest priority projects unfortunatly are not the smallest, if you were able to look behind the screens you would understand why.

ok Well we understand that dude
no need to look behind the screens :)
we believe you

We're thinking about this everyday, we dont want to let down anybody, the Arabic keyboard is also a high priority project, but with the limited resources we have. We still have to make compromises and choose what goes first.

yeah that's we talking about it
How can we support you to increase the speed of production and development?
can we ?

We have not forgotten you and appreciate any info on the subject. When the moment comes we will use that data

we appreciate your efforts in the development of the program as much as possible

thank you
abo mram

Thanks for the update. 3rd party keyboards dont work on ICS.
ur welcome

well, that's a shame for this wonderful program YouWave
Is not it?
everyone knows ICS supports all applications,
actually I do not know what is going on in your minds about this thing

we will waiting next update, hope to change more in the next time

thanks to all
abo mram

content has been

تم التصويت

معك الى نهاية المشوار

شكراً جزيلاً لك
أقدر اهتمامك في التصوت

Technical Issues and Support / Re: We Need Arabic LANG ::: ( Updated ) :::
« on: February 07, 2013, 07:23:01 PM »
تم التصويت يا ابو مرام وقواك الله  :-*
الله يقويك

مقدر اهتمامك بالتصويت

Technical Issues and Support / Re: We Need Arabic LANG ::: ( Updated ) :::
« on: February 05, 2013, 07:47:03 PM »
We had a short meeting about this keyboard issue, it was in production but it got interupted by a higher priority project. The problem is we need to create our own custom KCM (Key Character Map) for Arabic.
As you might imagine thats not a easy task, we have to recode the character codes to Arabic, based on there position in the sentence.

i see, but your can do it I'm sure,  :)
It's not that hard at all, just want some time to do it
this is what distinguishes the Arabic language from others,  ;) FOR SURE YES !!


yup, that's it

So we're very aware of this issue, but unfortunately we dont have the resources to complete projects fast enough to give you a estimated release date.

Thank you very much,
we appreciate that
Let the project takes on track, in order to have the best results in the end
am i right?

we wish you well, good luck

abo mram

Technical Issues and Support / Re: We Need Arabic LANG ::: ( Updated ) :::
« on: February 04, 2013, 05:23:57 PM »
تم التصويت

جزاك الله خير

وجزاك بمثله

مقدر اهتمامك في التصويت

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