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General Discussion / Installing Whatsapp again on another Pc
« on: July 30, 2014, 07:52:19 AM »
My HDD failed :(

I am going to get a new HDD but the last time I backed up Whatsapp was a month ago, does this mean I have lost the past months conversations?

Only asking this because I can use my tablet for the mean time.

I had to reinstall Youwave on a new machine so i decided to back up the "youwave_vm01.vdi", i then installed Youwave and copied my backup and replaced the new one but none of my data got restored, it's as if the file is empty but it clearly isn't.

Yeah you're right, mine wasn't running at 4am and never backed up, just tested it after a manual backup and it worked. It should let you change time for auto back up, unless it's a server thing on their end.

I accidentally uninstalled WhatsApp and then re installed, it asked me if i wanted to restore the conversations and i clicked yes, problem is none of the conversations were recovered, it only remembered which groups i was in but not a single message was recovered.

I assumed that WhatsApp automatically saves a backup at 4am? or is this incorrect with Youwave?

Any ideas?

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