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thank you for your efforts in improving Youvawe for android. I wrote you because i would like to know if i need to duplicate whatsapp account
it is necessary to modify the mac address with the same of my telephone? You said that it is necessary to modify android id and imei, but as i understood these information are not connected to whatsapp account.

I saw your past posts on the forum and you said that each whatsapp account is linked to a mac address.

I rely on your help and looking forward for your kind reply according my question. Thank you for your time.

How it is possible to change the ANDROID_ID or IMEI on Youwave? You will provide me all istruction to do this, right?
Do let me know as soon as possible, i will recompensate soonest your efforts :-)


thanks for your clarification. Do let me know about your tests. I will recompensate your efforts if you will do this for me.
I want to achieve this because it's important for me

PS: You will change the mac address on youwavevm_01 when you will do your test?

my question is this: it use whatsapp simultaneously on 2 devices spoofing the mac address on youwave?
I have to spoof the mac address of my pc too or it is not necessary?

About the app'implemention i know that it is not possible to use whatsapp on 2 devices simultaneously but i want to know if Youvawe can do this for me if i change the mac address.

Can you do this test for me? Thanks

thanks for your reply. As I understood each whatsapp account is associated to a mac address. Therefore if I try to spoof the mac address of Youwave i can receive the same message of my phone at the same time? I know that could be synchronization's problem sometime but i would like to know if this trick is really effective. Thanks for your quick reply


thanks for your quick reply to my topic, i am very glad to speak with you about this matter. You mean that if i change the MAC address i can use WhatsApp on Youvawe and my phone at the same time? I mean all message that i receive on my phone will be synchronized immediately on my Youvawe platform changing the MAC address?
My other questions are these: It is necessary to spoof my mac address of my pc too or it is not important? It is necessary that my phone and my youvawe are connected at the same wifi connection?

Thanks for all clarification.


I would like to know if it is possible to use WhatsApp on two different device changing mac address on Youvawe for Android. I know that each WhatsApp account is associated with a unique MAC ADDRESS. If i change it on youvawe i can receive the same messages that i received on my phone without any whatsapp reverification?
I have to spoof the mac address of my PC?

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