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I have purchased a high tech cloud desktop and youwave now working but my key, the new 5.4 key expired. Seriously ?

Ok, looking forward to it. I was very satisfied with the old Youwave, hope the new one will come at least close to it.

Seriously guys, I tried youwave on over 10 devices so far. Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. Do you have an ETA for a working version ? For real !?

Sometimes the Intel machine stops at the commands load, doesn't reach the Android logo. But I've been looking at the performance monitor to both of them and at one point, they just stop any activity since the RAM and CPU usage drops considerably.
Something like a crash, yes.

My CPU is AMD Athlon Dual=Core 2.3 Ghz the first laptop and the 2nd is an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 Ghz.
Yes, first ran went into Android logo and same since. I rebooted, factory reset, etc. I ran the SUPinstall.exe as well.

For me, it is the same.
Loading up to the Android logo and then stopping. You can see from the performance monitor that it stops any activity.

I have 6 GB of RAM totally and using 3-3.5 with YouWave running so it is not the case. I have a cloud computer with same version of Windows and same issue there. I allocated 8 GB of RAM just to make sure and same problem. I will look more into it but it seems to me there is still some incompatibility between my windows and youwave. I only have 2 licensed copies of windows so unfortunately I can't try more.
Also the power off/shutting down issue appears in the best case scenario when youwave actually passes the Android logo and loads into the homescreen after at least 10 reboots or factory resets.
I am out out of ideas so I will wait for a solution or a hotfix. Please keep this post/topic up to date as I am sure it concerns more users.

After like 10 restarts it once loaded but after installing the apps, right when the home screen was loading, it said youwave is shutting down or power off or something like that. Could it be one of the preinstalled apps ? Can I delete those somehow ?

Oh God,
maybe I spoke to soon out of excitement. Youwave starting, getting to Android logo and then back screen again :(

So I started running this
C:\Program Files (x86)\YouWave Android\vb\SUPInstall.exe and it gave me the error
the file msvcr100.dll is missing from the computer. Googled it and found this
and I installed the vcredist_x64.exe .
After that, I was able to run the SUPInstall. Youwave still not working but after an uninstall/install it worked.
So the solution is getting the msvcr100.dll file by installing vcredist_x64.exe which will lead to a full instalation.

Sorry, the status of the command I posted before was incomplete, the one below is complete :

SC EnumQueryServicesStatus : OpenService FAILED 1060
The specfied service does not exist as an installed service.

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