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Android Apps / Re: A list of compatible apps (x86)
« on: June 09, 2016, 11:54:46 PM »
It is the still thought-provoking question which are best compatible apps (x86), and I would appreciate hard-work of moderator in proving such descriptive list. As it is about list then most of apps in list are not compatible in x86 in 2016 as more.
Here I am sharing list of Android applications that are compatible with (x86):
Firefox Beta
ES File Manager
Zero Launcher

But there are certain applications that can be mentioned in this regard are: UC Browser, Nova Launcher and Flashify.

Using YouWave Android / Re: How to root
« on: June 09, 2016, 02:50:58 AM »
One thing that you and everybody should notice here that 'Rooting' for Android is what 'Jailbreaking' for any prisoner, But in positive way...!
You go in depth of your Android device and reaches 'Sub-System', means you can customize settings easily for your convenience. There are two ways of rooting your any Android smartphone or Tablets.
First Either you can root phone using traditional Methods
SecondOr use apps made for this purpose and Flashify is best Android application that can assist you in rooting your Android devices successfully.

I hope this is going to work best when it comes to rooting of Android devices.

 ???, it is so simple that anybody can do easily, but dire disappointment is that no one answered smartly here.So, that Non-Technical people could benefit from this thread.

Disclaimer: I am not posing myself 'Smarter',and my opinion is not meaning to offend anyone intentionally or unintentionally.

Well, Lets come back to question Again,;How to Transfer iTunes library to Android'?
Then Answer for this question is stated below:

First, You'll plug your any Android device (Smartphone or Tablet) into Desktop computer. But at this stage, you will set your smartphone in MTP Mode so that process of files transferring could be made easier.

Second, Now open File Explorer Window and then navigate Music folder of your device.See this" Wess PC---> Ele 90-->Internal Storage----> Music. Look, How simple is that..

Third, At this step you will open File Explorer Windows, 'Just Right-Click on 'Wess PC' and then click on 'Open in a New Windows', and now you will have to find iTunes Music library. See this= Wess PC--->Music---->Then iTunes----> iTunes Media----> Music.

Fourth and Final Step, Here you will have two files open opposite to one and another,, this proximity will help you in simple dragging-n-dropping of single file or complete folders.

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