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kind of a pain even tough it does work seems ther would have to be an easier way possibly wifi or usb

sorry for being such a newb not sure what dropbox is will have to look in on it would be helpfull is it an android app or is it pc app thanks for the info though this is good to know. update[][][]looked into drop box that is quite a long workaround would be easier just to email pictures and redownload them is there any way of exploiting the usb on this thing to access folders outside of the system???

Suggestions and Feedback / Re: A Few Suggestions
« on: July 08, 2011, 10:29:49 PM »
thanks for listening if you ever need beta testers for any of your work on youwave i would be happy to help!

Suggestions and Feedback / A Few Suggestions
« on: July 07, 2011, 06:52:48 PM »
Just a few things that I had in mind with the app (which is great I love playing with the android on my laptop) ((THANK YOU!!!)

1)I noticed that the memory is not that large (sdcard is - 700+ mb) possibility of expanding the size or possibly have sdcard folder be the gateway to the pc's c drive or atleast an option to manually set the size of the sd card.

2)Would be nice for the media players and photo gallery to search the pc for media from the computer... or make some sort of way to copy to and from the sd card for use with certain things...

3)Would also be nice if you could fullscreen the android or controll screen size to some degree I like to keep my pc at 1280/800 which the screen is still awkward on it... if i reduce size to 1024/768 i get nearly a full screen effect from the emulator except a small portion of the sidebar window.

4)Finally would be nice to toggle the sidebar off and on so that it is not a distraction (eye sore)((sorry))

just my few bits hope you like any of my suggestions just my thoughts out side of those things i think the app is great would like to be able to install more apps not sure why certain apk installs and others dont but i figure it has something to do with the internal makings of the emulator so i will definitely be keeping my eye on this and watching for updates!!!

was thinking something similar (would like access to my photos for stuff such as contact id's and wallpapers)
also was hoping to find a way to access media from the pc so as to set notifications and play music and video as well how bout something like setting the root folder direct on c and then give access to the rest of the pc (meaning whatever is compatible with the droid os such as jpg txt mp3 and videos and such...

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