Author Topic: unknown pop-up screen when youwave started  (Read 3589 times)


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unknown pop-up screen when youwave started
« on: January 16, 2013, 07:35:54 PM »
Recently noticed that a pop-up screen when youwave started.
Is it one of youwave marketing tricks or virus ?
Picture of the screen attached
Please follow up. Thanks


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This is Mobclix ads ( that we are showing in the trial version in Basic version. For Home version, there are no ads.

For purchased version, the ads do not show. And you can easily stop it by clicking on Back button.

We have very limited control over what types of ads shown. We did not know gambling ads were shown. Unlike Google Adsense, it seems that for Mobclix, we cannot turn off a specific type of ads.

The reasons we tested ads in trial version:
1. Piracy. Our data shows that the number of piracy users significantly exceeds that of paid customers. Those who say piracy does affect a company's bottom line are not right. Whenever a new pirated copy shown up on the Internet, our sales drops significantly in a matter of one day.
2. Some users repeatedly reinstall the program to avoid payment, violating our term of use.

As a commercial company, we would like to find ways to monetize for those cases. If our users want to see more development on YouWave, we hope they can support us.

But ultimately, we care about our users' experience. We welcome constructive criticisms. Is the advertisement something that turns you off or makes you upset?
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YouWave is updated to Android Lollipop. See