Author Topic: New feature in 1.1.0 - Install apps to "rooted" phones through wireless  (Read 6007 times)


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New feature in YouWave Android 1.1.0: Installing Apps on Your Rooted Phone.

If your phone is "rooted", you can now wirelessly install Android apps from PC to your phone using Youwave_Android software. With an ADB server running on your phone, such as the free app "adbWireless", and a WiFi connection, installation can be done in a few clicks of your mouse.

That's right. You can complete the installation process on your computer. You just need to first start adb server (such as the app adbWireless) on your phone and get the IP address and port number. And then on YouWave, you right-click the app icon that you want to install, and click "Send to Android Phone". YouWave software will ask you to enter once the phone's ip address and port number and then wirelessly install the app onto your phone in a few seconds. It is very simple.

Stay tuned, for more exciting things from YouWave.
YouWave is updated to Android Lollipop. See